by Annie Rogers

January 2006
ISBN: 0-9770183-0-X
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Trade Paperback

Jamie Elliott and her husband, Paul, have moved to St. Lucie, West Indies. Jamie is hoping the move will change Paul for the good and he will become the husband he should be. Paul does not like island life, its hot, buggy and the natives to him are strange. Jamie, however thrives on this island. It is almost like she has come home, even though she has never been here. Jamie keeps having dreams about the island, she canít figure out what is happening.

Jamie senses she belongs on this island. This feeling gets stronger by the day and it intensifies when she meets Andre Demontague, the son of a powerful family on the island. From the very beginning she feels like she has known Andre all her life, they have a connection that goes back in time to both of their ancestors, they just donít realize it.

Andre tells Jamie the history of the island. Andre is a descendant of Jean-Clair du Diamont and his wife Anne-Cecile. Jean-Clair and Anne-Cecile had twin boys, Philippe and Louis. When the family had to flee for their lives, one of the twins became lost, and the family never saw or heard anything about him again.

After Jamieís husband is killed in an explosion, Jamie and Andre become close, however, there are unseen forces which put both Jamie and Andre in danger. Will these unseen forces put a wedge between Jamie and Andre? Or will they both survive this dark place?

What a well written and well plotted book! There are twists and turns in A Dream Across Time which will keep the readers eyes glued to the pages and their heart pumping. Jamie and Andre both feel the pull of the past, they are both strong people. If you enjoy mystery, with romance thrown in, with also a little intrigue, then this book is for you. It is wonderful to know there is a sequel coming out in 2006, A Circle of Dreams. The sequel is about Jamie and Andreís son, Philippe, did Jamie tempt fate by naming him after one of the original twin boys?

Reviewed in December 2005 by Pat.

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