by Caitlyn Mc Kenna

January 2002
ISBN: 1-894869-9
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Starting a series that is sure to be a highly recommended and fast seller among the paranormal genre, Ms. McKenna has wrote a fascinating story in classic gothic-yet-contemporary style that will keep readers turning those pages and then impatiently waiting for the next book to be written!

A fascinating, intriguing prologue shrouded in the mysterious and frightening world of the occult starts the story in Ireland 766 A.D. Then it fast forwards into the year 1989. The heroine Julienne Hunter returns to her family home in Virginia. The vivid descriptions and prolific writing brings the ‘old south’ feeling to the tone of the story, setting it in a gothic atmosphere that shows the long past era of an old South that had been humbled but refused to be broken. This atmosphere plays prominently in the story’s plot and pulls the reader into the story without seeming the least bit intrusive.

“Destined to be a keeper of eternity’s gates and protector against armies of darkness” Julienne Hunter has no idea her life is about to drastically change --- for better or for worse --- when she returns home to the Blackthorne ancestral home twenty one years later and after just being released from a lengthy stay in a rehab hospital. Julienne’s memories of Blackthorne are mostly from her mother --- a woman who took her young daughter and fled from a destiny that wasn’t to be denied --- and the prejudices and fears that her mother taught her to have. Julienne isn’t prepared for the mystery and dangerous aura of Blackthorne but is determined to find answers to the questions that have plagued her most of her life. Her grandmother, Anlese, is there to welcome her home and (unknown to Julienne) she will start the journey into Julienne’s destiny with events that unfold so fast Julienne has no choice in the matter.

Morgan Saint-Evanston is a handsome man shrouded in mystery - enigmatic, sensual, and powerful. A most unusual, multi-dimensional hero that will creep into the reader’s heart and prove he is a man of undeniable strength and stature. All Julienne remembers about him is that her mother hated him. Morgan appears to be uncaring to any of her feelings and insecurities, stoic and hard. Julienne finds herself unwillingly attracted to him despite the way he treats her. Morgan knows what Julienne’s destiny is but isn’t willing for it to be so.

Anlese’s determined actions has Julienne ‘dead’ ten hours after arriving at Blackthorne and abruptly forces Morgan into facing the “shared” destiny he will have with Julienne despite all his well-laid plans. And though Julienne has no choice in the matter, readers will be left with the impression that she is strong enough to face what ever will come; her will and determination will see her through it all. She and Morgan will become a formidable match to face the enemy and its armies.

Interweaving the frightening world of the occult, witchcraft and sorcery, demon gods, and parallel worlds filled with all the characters a paranormal story would have, Echoes of Angels is a fantastic trip into a page-turning story that will be read many times over - a definite ‘keeper’ by fans of the paranormal romance genre.

The second book will continue Julienne’s and Morgan’s destiny together in Descent of Demons. Don’t miss it!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Kari.

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