by Trenae Sumter

November 2005
ISBN: 1-93281500-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

Step into the lavender mist sprinkled with magic – become consumed within its feathery fingers and twinkles of dust. Let it take you to another time and place. A place where lovers and destiny wait to fill the soul and gladden the spirit. Let its magic capture your heart – Knight's Legacy...

Scotland, October 2000

Catherine “Cat” Terril is a talented stuntwoman working on a movie in Scotland. Cat encounters a strange old man dressed in black; he directs her to follow the lavender mist and to procure a set of keys. Cat is intrigued by this mysterious colored mist and prophetic words of this unknown figure. She follows the mist to a door with crafted locks. The keys are there for her use. Upon getting the door open, Cat is sucked into the misty vortex and back to Scotland, 1230 - emerging from an ice-cold lake.

Angus Mackay rescues Cat from the water, only to get a bright idea to use her in place of his runaway sister, Brianna. Cat has the same flowing red hair and small stature. She is perfect for the deception Angus and his father need for the royal pardon Sir Roderic of Montwain holds; but only if he marries Brianna. Suddenly, Cat finds herself married to a handsome man, impersonating another woman, and falling hopelessly in love. Will this be the fairy tale romance Cat’s soul has always longed for?

Knight's Legacy is by author Trenae Sumter. This novel is a sensory overload of beauty and grandeur that will flood the reader’s mind with vivid images of graceful olden times. When knights and honor were the day - damsels and pageantries abound - love forever ruled their realm. The premise is bold and fresh. The characters come alive, igniting the pages with realism, adventure, and heated sensuality. Ms. Sumter definitely knows how to craft a touchingly romantic time traveling tale!

The moment Cat/Brianna looks upon her husband-to-be, she feels like she has finally come home. Peace resides in her heart. But, with all these feelings, will Cat truly be happy in the year 1230? Will she miss the excitement and action of her life as a stuntwoman? Will Cat ever find her way back to her life waiting in the year 2000?

Roderic is not just Cat/Brianna’s husband, but also her sensual seducer; he is a master of the sexual art of pleasuring. He is a man of powerful masculinity, yet gentle, with a soothing touch. Roderic is every woman’s dream man. The readers will get swept up right a long with Cat, as Roderic slowly heats up this tale. He will introduce Cat to the wondrous world of sexual fulfillment. Showing her what his mouth, hands, and body can do to her.

Knight's Legacy is breathtaking in its passion, and powerful in words. This reviewer lost, and then found herself, within this wonderfully written tale of profound magical love. Whether you are a time travel princess, medieval era seeker, or a reader who loves a great romantic novel, then this book is for you! Ms. Sumter’s deliverance personifies what the reading audience is searching for in today’s romance genre – different, and highly entertaining!

Reviewed in October 2005 by Janalee.

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