by Michele Bardsley

September 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-222-0
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When the Anubinake faced annihilation 10,000 years ago, the great god Anubis helped them survive. Now, Anubinake faces enemies within, a powerful royal and a woman betrayed who have torn apart the Pack with lies and deceit. With the help of the pleasure seekers, Kat and Rand will fight to reunite the Pack and to protect their newborn son--the child prophesied to end the old ways of the Anubinake. The events that unfold are part of a memory, a prophecy, and a legacy that will herald a new beginning for all of mankind ... or its doom.

Kat and Rand must stop their enemies, Kat's ex-lover, Lanie and the grasping Tanin. They've plotted to over throw Kat and Rand's power over the Pack setting forth a sequence of events that has the potential of destroying them all.

Ms. Bardsley brings us that wonder group, the Pleasure Seekers. Though the story was short, it was burning hot and I enjoyed seeing all the other characters merge into this one short. My wish is that the story had been longer.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Noemi.

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