by Ann O`Bannon

September 2005
ISBN: 1-904492-82-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Be Write Books
Trade Paperback

Captain David Alexander, of the NASA space shuttle Independence, awoke after seven years in cryogenic stasis to discover he wouldn't survive the trip home. That is until a UFO was sighted in the vicinity of the Titan moon. To his surprise, Commander Zara Darien, of the Shimuran Starship Command and spoils his ‘First Contact’ when she shoots his shuttle from the stars. Who is this person and what is she doing here?

What follows is an adventure in trust and romance. David and Zara must come to an understanding about the way things are going to work, but will their own stubbornness get in the way? How can two people from two different worlds find that even though they are so different, they really aren’t ‘that’ different? The love they find transcends any galaxy, near or far. But will it be enough to alter and save Earth’s future and in doing so, they will fulfill a thousand year old prophecy – The Shimuran Legacy has begun.

This is a wonderful first attempt by an author who has a bright, shining future, in this galaxy or any other! Ann’s imagination is so vivid that the reader is left with not having to figure anything out. Everything is painted, in words for the reader’s mind. Her characters are full of life and very believable. The story concept is fresh and fun.

I predict wonderful things for Ann O’Bannon. Keep an eye on this author, her star is shining bright!!

Reviewed in September 2005 by Debbie.

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