by Becky Barker

January 2002
ISBN: 1-84360-129-X
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Logan's Lady is book two in the Prescott Triplets Series, and has been revised from the original manuscript for its reissue. Already available at Ellora’s Cave in ebook, it will also be issued in the anthology hardback along with books one(Born to Fly) and three(Loving Carlie).

The first page of this book starts out with a sensual, erotic dream hero Logan Bradford is having and sets the sizzling atmosphere for the rest of the story. No matter how hard he’s tried he can’t let go of the memories of the passionate love he and Dee Prescott once shared. Stubbornly keeping the real secret of his aversion to flying from Dee, he had doggedly demanded that she lessen her devoted commitment to her family and eventually give up her chosen career. But Logan’s pride and fear ended up destroying their relationship causing Dee to leave and return home to her beloved career and family.

When he finally decides to face his fear and let go of his stubborn pride, Logan comes up with a plan that he hopes will bring Dee back into his life. And when foreman Jake hires Dee without letting Logan know, Logan’s plan is put into high gear and he has no choice but to determinedly follow through and convince Dee their future is together.

Dee Prescott is a flight instructor at the private-owned Prescott family airlines situated on a Virginia plantation along with the family home. She loves her life as it is but holds a secret heartache deep inside that is associated with her chosen career. When she’s hired to teach flight instructions to employees on a newly constructed airstrip, Dee is totally unaware that the reason for her heartache is about to come full circle once and for all.

When they meet once again, Logan is even more determined for a second chance at their love but Dee is completely wary and just as determined that the answer be ‘no’. She hates Logan as passionately as she loves him and can’t bear the thought of another heartache.

Will Logan finally face his secret fears and denials in time to convince Dee that they are meant to be together? Will Dee finally let down the security barriers of her heart and give Logan another chance?

Becky Barker writes a love story that sizzles off the pages and makes the reader wish the ending didn’t come so soon. A definite ‘keeper’ and a love story that will be read time and time again!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Kari.

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