by Margaret Moore

February 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77095-2
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Mass Market Paperback

England, Michaelmas, 1243

Sir Henry D’Alton had a fierce reputation as one of the best trained most noble of knights in the entire kingdom. His proficiency with a sword was just as renowned as his expertise in bed with the ladies! Gifted with a handsome face and well-honed warrior’s body, Henry lacked only two things to make his life complete, peace, and love. Suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome from a horrific beating he received at the hands of one of his most trusted friends, Henry has turned his back on his family, and friends, and has literally been lagging around not sure of what it is he seeks. That is until he awakes in bed to find two very different women in his chamber staring at his naked body! One is the most gorgeous creature he has ever laid eyes on, the other, is plain but with a wit, strength and determination that would certainly have made his mentor, Sir Leonard very proud!

Lady Mathilde and her beautiful sister Gisele knew they were in danger of losing their keep, Ecclesford, to their scoundrel cousin, Sir Roald de Sayres if they did not get a new garrison commander, and soon. Hearing Sir Henry D’Alton was nearby; Mathilde decides to try to convince him to take on their plight. Shadowed all her life by the splendor and poise of her sister, Gisele, Mathilde may not have outer attractiveness but she does have cunning, and an inner strength that has kept her in possession of her father’s legacy despite Roald’s attempts to take it from her. Mathilde is resolute that the evil Roald will not beat her, and win her lands! Convincing Henry to be their much- needed champion, and lead their army to victory over Roald, Henry sees a solution to his dilemma as well. Henry could win the hand of the beauteous Gisele and have Ecclesford for his own, that is until his growing desire for the intellectually superior and stronger Mathilde begins to get under his hide.

Hats off to Margaret Moore who has continued to out do herself! The Brothers-in- Arms series has another surefire bestseller! Hers to Command brings us Sir Henry’s story and matches him up with a woman who can hold her own in the face of war! Mathilde won me over from the first page of her appearance. She has inner power, and intelligence, that can best even the brawniest of villains! Henry got me in the last book of the saga, The Unwilling Bride, and I am thrilled to see he gets a woman to love him, as he so deserves. Margaret Moore soared to new heights with Henry’s tale, and I am anxiously awaiting the next in the series with Ranulf’s!

Reviewed in January 2006 by Bonnie.

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