by Cathy McDavid

November 2005
ISBN: 1-59374-470-6
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What happens when two firefighters have the hots for each other? Well, Lindsay is seeing Mattís roommate and best friend, but nothing has happened with said friend. Only a few kisses here or there, nothing too interesting. It seems that Matt's roommate still has feelings for his ex-fiancť. It seems that Lindsay and Joey are better off as friends than boyfriend and girlfriend.

Now Matt, on the other hand, and fellow firefighter and co-worker of Lindsayís definitely has feelings for her and has since they met in training. Matt has fantasized about Lindsay but knows that as long as Joey is seeing her, nothing can happen between the two of them.

There are several obstacles standing in the way of Matt and Lindsay going out together. A big one for Lindsay is they work together and she canít just go from Joey to Matt. She canít hop from one to the next and of course she wants a promotion and she doesnít want anyone to think that she slept her way to getting it. She has a hard enough time being a female in an almost all male field and the ribbing is much harder on a female than the male counterpart.

The chemistry between Matt and Lindsay is steamy enough that it might take a fire house to cool them off and even then there is no guarantee. All Matt has to do is talk and that is enough to set Lindsay off.

Ms. McDavid has given us a delightful story that is sure to keep you turning the pages to see just how these two light fires in each other. Most of the story takes place in and around the fire station. There are quite a few rooms that can be utilized for more things than what they were meant for. There is one scene that I enjoyed more than others; letís just say the equipment also received a workout!

Reviewed in February 2006 by Pam.

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