by Carla D. Ledbetter

January 2001
ISBN: 1-928973-51-5
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The intriguing tapestry of romantic suspense in Blue Moon continues with Jack and Mary’s story in Breaking the Chain. Once again, Ms. Ledbetter proves her exceptional writing talent with a story that is full of love, danger, ghosts, voodoo, and mystery.

Mary Corbett is now married to Jack Windom and happily running the bed and breakfast inn that once was the Martine plantation. What she doesn’t realize is that “some paths are destined to cross again” --- and the danger she thought long gone is even more prominent and about to strike a blow against her happy world.

When she brings the plantation’s former housekeeper Justine and the old voodoo priestess Sadie back to visit, things start happening fast. Sadie’s visions warn of danger and death, and now Mary starts having ESP flashes of her own.

Who is the mysterious “brown man” that Sadie knows will soon arrive, and why is she so afraid of him? Why is Mary seeing ghosts again? Will everyone at the inn survive the danger that will soon shadow their lives?

Ms. Ledbetter’s second story is just as great a read as the first. The action is non-stop, the vivid descriptions take you right into the supernatural atmosphere of the story. The voodoo world is mysterious and frightening and keeps you on the edge of your seat intrigued all the more with its danger. And Mary and Jack’s love is just as strong as before, helping them battle against the evil that threatens to destroy them.

A definite recommend and a ‘keeper’! I eagerly look forward to more of Ms. Ledbetter’s books.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Kari.

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