by Helen A. Rosburg

December 2005
ISBN: 1932815201
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

Between the realm of shifting dreams, and in his darkness, an angel crosses. Her light beings forth a healing grace – penitence for sins of the past. Beware of The Dream Thief; his touch deprives the soul of light - forsaking the lives of the unaware.

Mid-sixteenth century Venice.

Another young and beautiful woman’s life has been taken. This time it has stuck close to home, Pina Galbi’s cousin, Valeria. This is the fifth such occurrence within the Venetian elite district. How could five very healthy young women be dead, yet the cause unknown?

Pina, whose kindness and generosity for the oppressed members of the Jewish community in the Ghetto Nuovo, has brought forth the wrath of her mean and hateful betrothed, Antonio. This, coupled with the death of Valeria, has Pina’s mother and Antonio forbidding her from leaving her home. Pina is torn between the love of her mother and the needs of the Jewish peoples. Pina is Catholic, but knows no distinction above loving thy God and the greater good of mankind. But, within the walls of her lovely villa, Pina starts displaying the same symptoms that had befallen Valeria. What is happening to Pina? What dark and sinister force has creped in under the cloak of dreams? Can anyone help Pina?

Just when you think it is safe to go to sleep, Ms. Rosburg pens a darkly sensuous thriller that is chilling and edgy. Creating vivid images and opulent settings that captivates the readers. You can almost feel the textures of the fabrics – the oppression of the people – the lethargic hunger of the dreams. The premise is drawn from clear waters, fresh – uniquely distinct and ultimately unforgettable!

The characters and their kingdom for which this story is set, makes the perfect backdrop for the readers to lose themselves in. This is a novel that readers have been wanting - hungering for. Ms. Rosburg is an accomplished novelist; she can add this book to her list of winners! This is the spine tingling horror of the year and one of the best this reader has ever read!

Pina’s unbiased caring and love is what endeared her to this reader. It is this nature and the beauty of her essence that has drawn him to her. He, The Dream Thief, brings forth the façade of physical magnificence - of sexual pleasuring - the touch of ultimate carnal gratification. But there is something about Pina that has reached a place within him – a forgotten memory and time. Will Pina goodness be her downfall? Could Pina be forever lost within her dreams? Let the dreaming begin…Open the book and fall into the realm of forbidden sensual slumber…

This novel stretches the boundaries of the imagination and quenches the soul. The excellent writing gives the readers insightfulness and a beautifully haunting horror that they will not soon forget. This book should be a number one seller, mark this reviewer’s words! The Dream Thief by author Helen A. Rosburg.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Janalee.

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