by Jessica Darian

September 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-0300-4
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Kris Jeffries is preparing for a date with a hunky bodybuilder she met at her gym. Unfortunately, the preparations are not going all that well and it all culminates in an embarrassing peek-a-boo in her car with a construction worker.

When Derek Reynolds sees the beautiful blonde changing panties while stuck in traffic, he is shocked. Heís seen a lot of the things people do in their cars while waiting in traffic, but changing underwear is definitely a first for him. After he gives Kris a solid dressing down he puts her out of his mindÖuntil he runs into her later when sheís getting drinks with a friend, then itís Krisí turn to berate him. Nobody gets away with calling her a whore.

Seeing the bravado Kris uses to attack him, Derek feels instant remorseÖand a definite spark. This is the first woman in a long time thatís heís actually interested in getting to know. But can a relationship between such polar opposites, Derek the consummate romantic, and Kris the woman who believes sex is the only important thing in a man-woman relationship, bud into true love?

The Panty Episode is as fun and frothy as the title suggests. If youíre looking for a sentimental or sappy love story, this is not that story. However, if you like stories where the heroines are more than willing to give as good as they get, and men who arenít afraid to show their romantic side, you will enjoy Jessica Darianís story.

Kris is a hoot in the typical manís role: wanting only sex and no long term commitment while Derek shines in an atypical male role: the person who wants the commitment, hearts and flowers. Watching Derek woo Kris while Kris playfully seduces Derek will definitely raise your blood pressure a bit.

This is a great romance for those who like a fast paced story where the hero and heroine fall in love in the matter of a few pages. If youíre looking for drawn out complications or hysterics, you wonít find those here. Instead, you get a fresh perspective on the traditional mating ritual that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Sarah.

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