by Madison Hayes

September 2005
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Earth’s changes are dramatic. For some time now, genetic labs have played with DNA to produce children, attempting to breed the perfect humans. This new generation has no war, no crime, no anger or jealousy, and no Sex. These perfect humans of the future view sex as obscene and dirty. Thus this has established black market where one can enjoy sex. The DNA string is ruined it beyond repair. This means that children will no longer be made and society must revert to creating life old fashion way.

Government official, Hardin is assigned to work with the people recruited into the program. The arrival of each month also means the arrival of a new woman. He is to recondition her for a new life. A new life that offers pleasure and sex. Hardin’s duty is to make sure they know how to proceed and to make sure that they enjoy the job. Years of the same duties has left Hardin feeling bored. That is until he meets Miss December.

Drugged and abducted, Kansas wakes up naked to find a man standing over her, closely watching her. Hardin begins to introduce her into his sensual world, and Kansas finds she cannot fight her attraction to him. Yet, the closer she comes to loving him, the more he tries to pull away. He has secrets that leave him lacking as a mate for Kansas.

Madison Hayes’ characters in Miss December grabbed this reader from the start. Both feel they are misfits in their world. Readers will sympathize with both. The combination of sensual and erotic scenes will keep this book in your hands. I highly recommend this story.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Noemi.

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