by Ana Leigh

December 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-6996-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Arena Roja, New Mexico

Post Civil War

With the end of the civil war and the death of the south as he knew it, Confederate Captain Coltran Fraser decides to head west to California to join up with his brothers Garth and Clay who were there making new lives for themselves. Journeying westward on the stagecoach through New Mexico was when things took a dramatic turn for Colt. A holdup ensues by a ruthless gang of outlaws which Colt bravely thwarts, but is injured and must delay his trek by a week. The local sheriff makes the heroic Colt an offer of becoming his deputy during that time, which Colt gladly accepts. Colt figures it will give him an opportunity to heal, and do something he has wanted to do for a long time, be a lawman. However, there is another benefit to this gig, the sheriff’s feisty daughter, Cassie Braden, who is a sight to behold in a tight pair of jeans on her butt!

From the moment Cassandra Braden meets the charismatic Colt Fraser on the doomed stagecoach, she knows this man is different from any other who has tried to get into her taut jeans! Cassie does not give a fig that she acts different then her very feminine twin sister Cathy. Cassie is comfortable in her own skin and jeans! Trying one handed to rebuild the family ranch that had been decimated over the years by Indian raids, Cassie feels more comfortable on a horse then in a kitchen. It is when Colt takes her in his seductive arms, that Cassie’s defenses fall, and her inner female side shines through. Nevertheless, Cassie knows that Colt’s dreams lay elsewhere then in sleepy Arena Roja, and when he is able he will leave her in the dust. Can Cassie make Colt see there is more to just “sex” between them, that when they make love it will be about love?

Ana Leigh continues her newest family chronicle begun in The Frasers: Clay with the second in the series, The Lawman Said “I Do.” In the tradition of her popular MacKenzie books that put Ana Leigh in the forefront of historical western romance, this series follows suit. Colt Fraser is a vibrant hero who can let his softer side come through especially around small children and women in distress. Cassie holds her own in the story, but gets a little tiring with her perpetual whining about a long lost love. There are some great laugh out loud moments in the book, mixed in with some intense action scenes and a smattering of historical figures gives the story a good combination that makes The Lawman said “I Do” a potential shelf keeper.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Bonnie.

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