by Shari Anton

December 2005
ISBN: 0-446-61466-1
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Mass Market Paperback

England, 1145

With the turn of his sword, the battle is won and Alberic of Chester’s destiny is changed forever. In reward for saving his life, King Stephen grants Alberic, the bastard son of the earl of Chester, the title and lands of the rebel he slew, Sir Hugh de Leon of Camelen. Alberic was also forced to kill Hugh’s only son, William. Hugh’s remaining three children, all daughters, must now be dealt with. King Stephen orders Alberic to secure his place at Camelen by wedding one of the daughters, as for the other two; one will go to court and one to a convent. Upon arrival to claim Camelen in the name of King Stephen, Alberic is struck by the beauty and grace of the middle sister, Lady Gwendolyn, and decides she will be his bride. Now it is up to Alberic to weave a web of seduction to make Gwen his, despite the fact she now loathes him for being the knight responsible for both her father’s and brother’s death.

The legacy of the ancient ring has to be honored and protected at all costs and the fact that it is on the finger of the man who killed her father and brother and is now the lord of Camelen complicates things even further for Gwendolyn de Leon. According to the tale passed down through the generations in her family with the ring, Alberic is now Gwendolyn’s true love and together they must guard the magic of it! Gwen must find a way to retrieve the ring, and restore her family’s honor. For this, Gwendolyn will have to give in to Alberic’s seduction even if she is forced to surrender her heart in the interim!

Shari Anton never fails to deliver what the medieval fan wants when she pens one of her romances, and it is here again in her extraordinary new novel Midnight Magic. Midnight Magic is filled with suspense, humor, romance and bits of whimsy tied to a legend that has to do with King Arthur. Gwendolyn and Alberic make beautiful magic together in a story you won’t want to miss.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Bonnie.

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