by Doranna Durgin

September 2005
ISBN: 0-373-51373-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #59
Mass Market Paperback

When I decided to read Beyond The Rules, I didnít know there was another story before it that had Kimmer as the heroine and Rio as the hero. You will not need to read Exception to the Rule in order to enjoy this story. There is enough background on Kimmer and Rio that we are not left in the dark.

The book starts off with action from the very beginning and only seems to pick up steam as it goes along. Kimmer works for the Hunter Agency as an operative and Rio is an ex-CIA agent. So they are always on alert no matter where they are. It seems that one of Kimmerís brothers has decided to make an appearance in her life after years of her leaving her hometown.

Now her brother Hank has decided to make Kimmerís life miserable again as he is asking for help. He doesnít know exactly what she does but he wants her to kill someone. He also thinks that by showing up at her house he will get the men after him off of him and onto her. Does it work? You bet when he tells lies. But first there is more action that involves a car chase, shoot out and an explosion.

Kimmer doesnít like to work on or near her home turf, but it seems that with Hank showing up it doesnít leave her with much of a choice. And to say that she is happy and her boss is an understatement. So it is up to Kimmer to find out exactly what Hank got into and try to solve why these men keep showing up after her.

With all the action that is taking place and people getting hurt around Kimmer, she isnít dealing to well with family. She wants no part of a family and Rio is all about family. Can these two learn to accept the other for who they are and learn to love them for themselves and in the process of all of this, is there time for the soul searching that needs to be done as well? To help them figure all this out, without being hurt or killed in the process.

Beyond the Rules is full of action and it stays that way from the first page until the very last. Ms. Durgin has given us a story that is filled with emotion on almost all levels and having to deal with the past to hopefully more forward with the one that you love. Realizing that just because of the hurt from the past and the rules that you live by may one day have to be changed as you grow and learn to let go.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Pam.

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