by Rowena Beaumont Cherry

October 2005
ISBN: 0-976-53971-3
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Big imposing and highly sexual, this is the way of the Djinn. Open the book and become overpowered in the sensual haze of these aggressive and fierce males...

Princess Helispeta is betrothed to Prince Devoron-Vitan. After his malicious twin brother Prince Djohn-Kronos murders their father, Djohn-Kronos takes command of the throne. With the recent death of his Empress, Djohn-Kronos now sets his sights on Princess Helispeta.

Djohn-Kronos will trick Princess Helispeta and take her as his own. Two mighty Djinn and one special woman both men desire. Will Poor Helispeta ever be happy with the wrong brother?

Mating Net is the newest release by author Rowena Cherry. If you loved Forced Mate, then you do not want to miss this Djinn tale! From the imaginative mind of Ms. Cherry comes another sexual adventure with powerful characters, arousing dialogue, and larger-than-life men dominating the pages!

What will Ms. Cherry come up with next? You can bet it will be carnally crafted; maybe following in the footsteps of her highly popular Djinn series or something totally different, but always, distinctly Cherry! This reader can hardy wait to see what she unveils next.

Princess Helispeta is one of the few Djinn left with psychic powers, and the arrogant Djohn-Kronos must have her. With her lavender colored eyes the dark-haired beauty is a prize indeed. The only problem is that Helispeta loves his twin brother, Devoron-Vitan. What will happen to her now?

Whether you are one of the numerous fans of Ms. Cherry or a futuristic princess looking for an excellent adult bedtime story, look no further than Mating Net by author Rowena Cherry.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Janalee.

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