by Kathleen Lawless

September 2005
ISBN: 1-416-50751-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Trade Paperback

Librarian Paris Sommer found a diary written by her grandmother, and after reading about her life running a bordello, she canít resist the opportunity to visit the place. She joins a tour group headed to Forked Creek, Nevada where they get to experience the old West in style. Sheís also there to see if she can figure out the map and clues in her grandmotherís journal, though sheís not exactly sure what the map represents or what she may find.

On her first day in town she runs across Mitchell Brand working with a horse, and is impressed by the way the man fills out his jeans. He sees her as well, and offers to give her a tour of the town. Later they end up in his hotel room and he joins her in the shower.

Brand is originally from Forked Creek, and when he left he swore heíd never be back. Now heís there to fulfill a favor to his step brother. Heís been asked to keep an eye on Paris and find out why sheís there. The townsfolk want that journal and make several attempts to get it. Paris isnít sure she can trust Brand, and if heís really on her side, or if heís only with her to steal the map and find out where it leads.

I enjoy stories that are filled with sensual love scenes, but only if itís accompanied by a believable chemistry between the characters. I never felt that with Brand and Paris, especially when they had sex within hours of meeting. It was hard to feel any emotions when at the time it wasnít even clear if they liked or trusted each other. The sex was plentiful in Untamed and if thatís what youíre interested in, then you definitely wonít be bored.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Jackie.

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