by Lauren Dane

August 2005
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Growing up in the shadow the more powerful and dynamic women in her family, quiet, bookish Emily Charvez has been feeling lost and invisible. While her gift of empathy and intuition are not as flashy as her beautiful older sister Lee’s active gifts, Em is still a formidable witch. It will take a very special person to convince her of her value. Her love of books and respect for magical texts has made her the youngest authority on magical texts alive. It is while she is searching for an ancient book of magic that she encounters Conchobar MacNessa. The book, known as The Shining Veil, contains spells capable of destroying the Compact that gives the Charvez women their great power. Should this happen all hell will literally break loose.

Con is a ten thousand year old faerie warrior. The ruler of the faerie, Queen Aine, has charged him with the task of observing Em while she searches for the book. Aine wants the book returned to Tir na nOg, the land of the Fae, for safekeeping. As soon as Con lays eyes on Em he is struck by her quiet beauty and feels an instantaneous connection to her. It is not everyday that a ten-thousand year old playboy finds his woman, his fated wife. Now all he has to do is fight a demon lord, save her family from destruction, and convince Em to stay with him for eternity. No problem.

A Touch of Fae is a spectacular follow up to Triad. Wonderfully witty, sinfully sexy, and perfectly plotted—who could ask for more?


Reviewed in September 2005 by Cynthia.

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