by Wendy Markham

October 2005
ISBN: 0-446-61454-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

A flick of the wrist, a touch of the palm – the psychic foresees a man for you. Grab-up your wedding dress, tiara and veil, the walk down the aisle has commenced. Now where that leads, is up to you. Marriage – commitment, it could be for you, but the Bride Needs Groom!

Mia Calogera is on a plane bound for Las Vegas, to get married. After Grandpa Junie, wins the New York lottery, Mia’s simple life changes overnight. Mia now has enough money to splurge and shop, until she drops. Grandpa Junie is getting close to his eighty-fifth birthday - he wants to see Mia wed, if she does not marry soon, Mia would be out on her, very poor fanny! She takes matters into her own hands, and finds Derek online to marry her, which leads us back to Mia on the plane.

When Dominic “Dom” Chickalini finds his seatmate is a ravishing bride all dressed in white, he thinks it is a sign of things to come. As these two get to know each other throughout the long flight, Mia’s entire wedding plans to Derek are turned upside down. When the plane lands, Mia will go one way, and Dom, another. What will Mia do now?

Can she still go through with this farce of a marriage or is Dom truly the one for her?

Bride Needs Groom is the latest release by author Wendy Markham. This is a story of finding your marriage partner, in the most twisted of possible ways. Ms. Markham has a razor sharp voice and tongue to match. She whips-out snappy comebacks left and right - keeping the readers on their toes. Ms. Markham has a flair for mixing in wisdom, personable characters and a touch of magical love into this zipped-up book. This reader never lost contact with the characters or their wacky world. The book is pulled together and delivered with amazing insight of a keen author. This is one whimsical wedding wonder of a read!

Mia is a woman, who had a shaky childhood, when her parents divorce she is left to be raised by her Grandparents. This has all taken its toll on her views of marriage. But, what is a girl to do when a fortune is on the line, and marriage will be the only saving grace.

Dom is a free loving spirit who is not ready to settle down yet. He is closing in on thirty and everyone around him is married, getting married or engaged. Dom feels the noose tightening around his neck. Will Mia be his answer - marriage of mutual convenience or is there more going on here, than meets the eye?

Dom and Mia - a twisted match made in heaven. It is said, that love can move mountains, but can it surmount the twin peaks of these two? Will she, won’t she – could he, does he, the list goes on…

Ms. Markham has created thoroughly entertaining contemporary romance that her fans are sure to love. Grab your copy today! Bride Needs Groom by Wendy Markham.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Janalee.

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