by Lori Foster

February 2006
ISBN: 0-8217-7802-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

When I pick up a Lori Foster story, I admit, I expect a lot. Moving and powerful love scenes, witty and fresh dialogue, and lots of action to keep the plot moving. Unfortunately, Jude’s Law seemed to be lacking many of these key Lori Foster elements.

Hollywood movie star Jude Jamison can’t get lovely art gallery owner May Price out of his head. Since moving to Stillbrook, Ohio, in the hopes of escaping the rumors of murder that now tarnish his name, Jude comes to admire and lust after May. Unfortunately, she seems oblivious to his charm. He’s sure if he just steps up his seduction efforts, she’ll see the error of her ways and jump his bones like he wants.

May can’t believe Jude is interested in her, a decidedly not stick thin woman who takes joy in the small things in life and not the exciting world of Hollywood. She’s sure he’s just joking around with her about his intentions but when her brother Tim arrives home one night, beat up and telling her how they need to kill Jude, May’s first thought is of Jude. She hurries to his house to warn him...and that’s where the story sputters and dies.

Fun chemistry and tentative emotional growth become bogged down in a sticky plot involving Jude, May, Tim and murder. Lori Foster usually has a deft touch with her plots making them enjoyable, fast-paced, and easy to follow. Jude’s Law however becomes too detailed and sinister, forcing the reader to slog through the murder investigation to get to the pithy romance details.

And while Jude and May continue to share a magnetic chemistry, they just don’t seem to emotionally connect. Jude’s cocky attitude becomes tiresome as does May’s disbelief that Jude could ever truly want her. The really interesting part of this story involves the developing romance of May’s best friend Ashley which will eventually come to fruition in Murphy’s Law.

Where Ms. Foster went wrong it is hard to say. Her endearing romance stories seem to have left the building. One can only hope she’ll be back on track for the sequel.

Unless you are a diehard Lori Foster fan, this reviewer’s advice is to rent Jude’s Law from the library.

Reviewed in March 2006 by Sarah.

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