by Linda Howard

July 2000
ISBN: 0-373-48408-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette
Mass Market Paperback

Joe “Breed” Mackenzie didn’t get to be an Air Force colonel at thirty-two years old by being a slouch. He has always been a determined little boy whose love of flying encompasses any love he’s ever had… except for his family.

But Caroline Evans changed all that. Feisty, ingenuous and intelligent, with a Ph.D. in physics, Caroline has lately been assigned to ‘Night Wing’, a top secret government project in which Joe is the manager. Not one for hiding her emotions, she fell for Joe like a ton of bricks and after one passion filled weekend, she pretty much thought her world complete!

Joe’s warrior instincts kick in whenever the subject of Caroline comes up. Ever protective of what’s his, Joe considered Caroline his woman after that weekend in Las Vegas and nothing could have changed his mind! Until circumstantial evidence shows Caroline to be a suspect in sabotaging ‘Night Wing’. Now, Joe is torn between his loyalty to his country and his love for Caroline….

Linda Howard skillfully draws characters that a reader can love and admire! Both Joe and Caroline are intelligent people whose love for their work completed their lives until they found each other. Joe, who is half Native American, has the determination and control of a warrior - but when it comes to love, endearingly falls apart! Go-getting Caroline is his perfect mate – with a body that won't quit and a lot chutzpah to match, she steadfastly breaks Joe’s iron will and shows him that loyalty and trust comes with her unwavering love.

As with the rest of the Mackenzie books, Mackenzie’s Mission is full of action and intrigue – and it doesn’t hurt that it’s full of fighter pilots either! (grin) Ms. Howard successfully captures the spirit of these modern warriors and takes the reader into their world of high testosterone, Mach 3 and pulling Gs! Dangerous and exciting pretty much describes the nature of the story – add to that some romance and sexy intimate scenes, who wouldn’t recommend Mackenzie’s Mission? Not me!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Veronica.

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