by Kathy Love

February 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1133-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Vampire, Christian Young is trying to obtain redemption. After killing his older brotherís mate, Christian fled New York and ran to the Blue Ridge Mountains where he took residence in Shady Fork Mobile Estates. Heís determined to become a better person, no matter what it takes. Unfortunately, weaning himself off blood doesnít seem to be doing the task. It takes rescuing fellow Shady Fork resident Jolee Dugan from her crazed brother, to make Christian see that to become more human, one has to interact with humans.

Jolee doesnít know what to make of Christian. Sure, he rescued her from her brother, but he also almost ran her over. On top of all that, he dresses like a male model, but strangely enough, heís living in Shady Fork. The inconsistencies boggle her mind and Jolee tries to avoid him. She wants to get her life on track and make a success of the bar she owns. She doesnít want to be reminded of her roots, and Christian, with his highbrow ways and fancy car, just reminds her of all the things she doesnít have. Jolee is determined that no man will bring her down, but perhaps a vampire will be the guy to make her see that a life isnít complete without a little love.

Fangs but no Fangs is the second story in the Kathy Loveís vampire trilogy. It picks up right where Fangs for the Memories left off and gives readers a chance to get to know the supposed villain, Christian Young. He proves to be an interesting character with strengths, weaknesses and a yearning for forgiveness. Watching him learn to interact with Jolee is humorous and poignant. Their love is a fragile thing and neither quite knows how to make it grow. Joleeís need for success and for a better future is very admirable. However, itís the steps she takes to earn that future that makes her a truly likable heroine. She is taking control of her destiny and though her attraction to Christian is something unexpected, she embraces it wholeheartedly.

Fangs but no Fangs combines a zany mix of paranormal antics with down-to-earth human mentality. Ms. Love pens a compelling and truly original story that blends humor, passion, and a little can-do attitude to make an unbeatable story.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Sarah.

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