by Sylvia Day

February 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1251-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Trade Paperback

Bad Boys Ahoy by Silvia Day is a steamy historical anthology that is very loosely related in that the characters are mentioned or pop up in each other’s stories.

Sebastian Blake, Lord Merrick, is better known as Captain Phoenix, pirate, at least for the past five years! Imagine his surprise when the woman on board the ship he just captured claims to be his wife on her way to England to meet him!! Imagine Olivia Merrick’s surprise when she discovers that this unkempt, unfashionable pirate is her husband……and she’s excited by the thought! This “marriage-by-proxy”, arranged by his father, may have some good points after all or will it? Sebastian is taking his “bride” back to England for an annulment but Olivia has other ideas! It’s a long journey by ship and maybe they can fit in some Stolen Pleasures. Sebastian is a wounded hero that cut himself off from his friends and family after being made to feel unworthy but Olivia sees the good in him and vows to make him see it, also!

Lucien Remington has wanted Lady Julienne from the very moment he saw her across a ballroom but not quite like this. He had a much more “interesting” setting in mind even though nothing can ever come of it. After all, she’s a Lady and he’s in trade, to say nothing of being baseborn!! Lady Julienne is forever pulling her spendthrift brother out of scrapes. This night, she’s hunting for him in all his favorite haunts – while dressed in men’s clothing! However she’s caught by the owner of the club, Lucien, and the sexual tension starts immediately! These two are meant for each other but with the mores of the time, they don’t feel they have a chance. Julienne wants to be loved – Lucien wants Julienne! They have their trials and tribulations, as well as sexual escapades hotter than a forest fire. Will Lucien’s Gamble prove to be a winner for them both?

Hugh, Lord Montrose, has, on the spur of the moment, set out to visit his sister Julienne and her husband. In route, his carriage wheel is damaged with a snowstorm brewing. He attempts to find someone who can assist him and comes across a dilapidated manor house, not aware at the time that it belongs to Her Mad Grace, the second wife of the deceased Duke of Glenmoore. The servants are a bunch of characters and half of the house has fallen into disrepair. The one shining light for Hugh is Charlotte, Her Grace’s companion and he wants her! With the storm brewing, perhaps he can persuade her to his bed. The house, and its’ occupants, has plenty of secrets and Hugh intends to uncover all of them, starting with Charlotte!

I enjoyed Bad Boys Ahoy tremendously although I was pleasantly surprised to find the book to be historical! Ms. Day had some fascinating characters – her heroes were all wounded to some degree, yet extremely Alpha and her heroines knew just how to please their men! She managed to work in some twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and I love being surprised by a book! I’ll surely look for this author’s work in the future. Congrats, Ms. Day!!!

Reviewed in May 2006 by PamL.

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