by Christina Dodd

ISBN: 0-06-056117-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Once upon a time, there lived three princesses in the tiny kingdom of Beaumontagne. Beloved by their father, the girls are raised to be worthy of their crowns. When their safety is threatened, they are sent to England. The eldest daughter, Sorcha, is sent to one school, while the younger girls, Clarice and Amy, are sent to another school. While their country was at war, their father is killed, and the girl’s future is in disarray. The two youngest girls lose track of their sister, and are forced to leave school when their tuition is not paid. After two years of moving from place to place, Clarice has found somewhere to settle down. Amy, who disagrees with her sister, keeps moving.

Amy is definitely not your typical princess. She chafed at the restrictions and duties of her station as a young child, and she remains headstrong and willful. However, the hardships she has faced have honed her strengths into a remarkable young woman. She is intelligent, loyal, and brave. She will have to be if she plans to kidnap a marquess!

Not just any marquess mind you, but Jermyn Edmondson, Marquess of Northcliff, liege lord of the tiny island where Amy lives. He has been derelict in his duties to the residents, and their suffering is more than Amy can bear. Why, he is trying to drain every drop from their meager livlihoods! The greedy wastrel needs a good lesson in responsibility, and Amy is just the woman to give it to him.

Jermyn has come to Northcliff to recover from a carriage accident. He loathes being idle, especially since the decision was taken out of his hands. He must regain the full use of his injured leg, or curtail some activities that he enjoys. He has not been home in years and prefers to let his uncle, Harrison, administer the estates and the Isle of Summerwind. While he spent a happy childhood here, there are too many bad memories for him to remain.

Author Christina Dodd delivers another fine tale in The Lost Princesses series with The Barefoot Princess. Amy and Jermyn remain at loggerheads throughout the book, while the villagers gently nudge them together. I enjoyed all of the secondary characters, especially Miss Victorine and the gentle giant, Pom. I will be very happy when the final book in the series completes my set.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Paula.

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