by Marliss Melton

February 2006
ISBN: 0-446-61481-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

In this third installment in the SEAL Team Twelve series we meet up once again with Chase “Westy” McCaffrey. In the last story he’d been intrigued by the wife of the JAG prosecuting Lt. Gabe Renault. Something about her drew his eye, even though she was dressed dowdy and obviously not trying to attract attention. They meet again in the beginning of this book and she begs him for his help.

Sara Garret has lived under her husband’s rule and mental abuse for years and, after he does something unforgivable to her son, she finally gets up the nerve to leave him. She’d met Chase on two previous occasions and was always impressed with how kind he’d been. Now she needs transportation out of the state and, since she knows he’s getting ready to drive to Oklahoma, she asks him to take her and Kendal with him.

The last thing Chase needs is to lose his career for aiding Sara in running away from her husband. He’s headed to his childhood ranch and there are enough bad memories to deal with that he doesn’t need more problems. But, despite his intentions, he ends up letting the mother and son tag along. Even though Chase comes across as very gruff, Sara and Kendal soon realize he’d never hurt them.

Once at the ranch they both have to fight their growing attraction. If hiding out from an abusive husband isn’t bad enough, they also discover the ranch has been the headquarters for a white supremacy group. Now there are lunatics looking for something Chase doesn’t want them getting their hands on.

We once again visit with Hannah from In the Dark and it’s so much fun to see her reveling in his romantic dilemma. When she was fighting her feelings for Luther, Chase always had a wise piece of advice for her. But now that the shoe is on the other foot he’s not too keen on having his words thrown back in his face.

Sara is a gutsy heroine who will do anything to protect her son, and it’s touching to see her learn to be comfortable in a man’s presence and to discover the joy of a healthy sexual relationship. Chase sometimes comes across as cold, but we learn why he keeps his emotions hidden inside. Time to Run is a potent mix of romance and suspense with a very satisfying conclusion.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Jackie.

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