by Pamela Anderson

August 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-9283-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Atria Books

If you like your men well hung and cars low slung, then slosh in a load of celebrity kingdom - you’ve got yourself, Star Struck! Author Pamela Anderson gives a whole new meaning to "petting the kitty…"

Star Wood Leigh, has just come out of a fog to realize not only is she nude - holding a gun, but married to the famous rock star, Jimi Deed. What the heck has she done? An innocent trip to Cabo has turned her life upside down or maybe not. If that is not strange enough, Star and Jimi’s personal life just keeps getting more intense and complicated with each roll of the camera. Will jungle loving be enough to keep these two wild individuals, with larger-than-life personas, together? Read on and find out…But, you might want to buckle-up and wear protective gear for this cavalcade of carnal proclivities and outrageous adventures.

Star Struck is the newest release and second in the series, by author Pamela Anderson. If this book is even a slight resemblance to Ms. Anderson’s real life, this reader wants the first available ticket on that shooting star! What a wild ride you will have while reading this story! It is not enough, that men want to be with her – women want to be her, now Ms. Anderson writes her second novel. It is filled with wicked humor, untamed sexual antics - the writing boggles the mind. All this reader can say is, "You go girl!" This book is fast paced, titilatingly tenacious and at times, heartbreaking. Brains and beauty, what a winning combination.

Jimi is one crazy dude. He is a cross between a randy stallion and a high tech nerd that happens to be a rock star. Star is a sex kitten that everyone wants a piece of, including every shutterbug on the planet. The price of stardom is sometimes, just too high, and can tear apart even the most passionate of relationships. Will Jimi and Star be able to ride out the waves of marital bliss, or will the temperamental tides overtake them?

This reviewer loved this book and can hardly wait to see what Ms. Anderson comes up with next! If you want a piece of Ms. Anderson, then come and get it! Buy your copy of Star Trruck today!

Special note: There are scenes within this book that deal with graphic violence. If you find that type of subject matter offensive, this book may not be for you.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Janalee.

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