by Nora Roberts

May 1995
ISBN: 0-515-11606-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

I have a list of books in my head that quite simply come under the heading of PERFECT; this book is one of them. High praise, you say, but as far as Iím concerned there is no other word that gets my meaning across quite so quickly and succinctly.

This is a story of a passionate woman - not only does Dora Conroy know what she wants in her life, she is quite willing to go out and get it, relying on no one but herself for her happiness. Born into a family of actors she has turned her flamboyant outlook on life into very successful antique business. It is this love for antiques that leads her to purchase a few interesting pieces at an auction, little knowing that a trail of death will follow them as an extremely rich, evil, madman tries to retrieve what was hidden within them.

While on this shopping trip, her father, an interesting character all by himself, has rented the empty apartment next door to Dora to Jed Skimmerhorn because ďI couldnít think of anything nicer to give my adored daughter than an intriguing neighborĒ. Jed Skimmerhorn is more than intriguing, he is a policeman who because of personal trauma has turned in his badge, not trusting himself with the people he had vowed to protect or the lives of his men.

Obviously they are perfect for each other, but not without a plot that contains all the elements of a great story. Not only is this a sensual romance it is also a totally gripping and suspenseful thriller that satisfies the reader on more than one level, but then what else do you expect from Nora Roberts?

One of the things I really loved about this story was that when I found out what Jedís hang-ups were I could understand them; it wasnít a case of thinking, "You idiot, what is your problem?". Instead it was realistic and understandable. I also loved Doraís reaction when Jed turned into the macho-idiot; it was much more in line with a strong character who is totally in touch with her emotions.

I hope Iíve managed to whet your appetite for more without giving away too much of the storyline. This is a wonderful book that reaches you on many levels and you are missing out on something wonderful if you donít read this book. Sit down with a glass of wine or cup of tea and get prepared for engrossing time - I couldnít put this book down until I finished it and Iíve enjoyed it every time Iíve read it since then. Definitely one to keep!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Julie.

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