by Dawn Thompson

September 2005
ISBN: 0-505-52653-0
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Mass Market Paperback

One woman indebted; lost in the clutter of life. Out of the darkness comes her savior – a handsome husband. But, with him, comes deep dark secrets; a life he has forever hidden to most of the outside world, until now...

The coast of Cornwall, 1815

Sara was in prison for her father’s debt and before she knew what was happening, she is the new Baroness Walraven – on her way to the Ravencliff estate. It is through his connections to Sara’s late father, that Baron Nicholas Walraven finds Sara and rescues her from Fleet prison. Marrying her by proxy, with his lifelong friend, Alex Mallory, as his stand-in.

When Sara finally gets her audience with Nicholas, she is overwhelmed by his sexual attractiveness. Nicholas announces to Sara that the marriage will be one of convenience only, never to be consummated. Sara now feels more like a household servant than a wife. What has she gotten herself into? The one consolation is the wolf-like dog, Nero that roams the halls of this great estate. Sara misses the dogs she once had. Open this book, and welcome to the realm of the mysterious Ravencliff…

The Ravencliff Bride is by novelist Dawn Thompson. With her triumphant voice, Ms. Thompson penned a historically elegant and darkly dramatic paranormal tale. Ms. Thompson took a familiar premise; bringing forth a prized novel that captivated this reader until the very last page! Ms. Thompson’s wording is romantically hypnotic, seducing the readers into turning the page. Needing the sensuous energies that reside there. Not only was this paranormally satisfying, it was historically accurate; keeping the era of boundaries set for the time period. Bravo, Ms. Thompson, this is a provocative historical paranormal!

Sara is a woman whose fortitude and love of animals, endears her to this reader. Her aloof husband acts so strange, yet there is a haunting look of loneness dwelling within his soul. It touches Sara’s heart; she finds herself falling more in love with Nicholas every day. For all of Nicholas’ dark shrouded life, he is a proud man trying to do what he thinks is best for Sara.

The sexual tension between Nicholas and Sara is sultry; underlining it all are a traces of animalistic nuances. But, Nicholas does not want Sara touching him. How are they ever going to truly be man and wife? Why does Nicholas seem so brooding and reluctant to share his life with Sara? What is Nicholas hiding? Can Sara save her furry friend, Nero, from the frightened staff and her overbearing husband? There are sinister forays going on here, and Sara will get to the bottom of it all!

It is one woman’s journey into the forbidden world of Ravencliff and its master’s secrets that this reviewer fell in love with, and you will too, when you procure a copy of The Ravencliff Bride by Dawn Thompson today!

Reviewed in November 2005 by Janalee.

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