by Heather Graham

October 2005
ISBN: 0-7783-2218-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Nikki DuMonde's job would not be typical in most major cities in the United States, but being a manager of a company that conducts ghost tours in New Orleans seems to fit perfectly, where elaborate old cemetaries are a sight-seeing must. In a city filled with voodoo, tarot readers and all things quirky, it takes a great deal to freak Nikki out. She is totally shocked when her friend and employee Andy is discovered dead from what is deemed an overdose. Nicki swears she saw Andy at her house begging for help at the time of her death. The police think Andy died from a heroin overdose, since she was previously an addict. Nicki believes Andy had cleaned up her act and she was murdered. This explanation seems even more plausible after an undercover FBI agent is found to have been killed with heroin.

Brent Blackhawk comes back to his hometown to help investigate what happened to the FBI agent after several witnesses claim to have seen him after his death. Brent has a gift and can "see" ghosts and communicate with them. His part Lakota, part Irish heritage may play a role in his paranormal abilities. Brent fears for Nikki's safety after he learns she has a link to both of the deceased.

Ghost Walk brings the historical and sleazy side of New Orleans to life with the author's exceptional, detailed narrative. There is a bittersweet feel to it all since this is pre-Hurricane Katrina. The reader can hope that all the history and the special charisma of New Orleans will rise again from the destruction.

The romance between Nikki and Brent is just as hot and sultry as a summer day in New Orleans. Brent has a tragic past, but has become strong and caring. Their growing passion is mixed with an urgency to solve the murders.

This latest novel is another example of why Ms. Graham is a master of romantic suspense. The pacing is perfect and the paranormal elements add an extra twist to this captivating caper. I will be looking forward to another steamy novel from this talented author in March 2006.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Roberta.

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