by Laura Wright

July 2002
ISBN: 0-373-76451-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1451
Mass Market Paperback

If you know someone who has never read a romance – please, give them this book and let them discover a new pleasure!! From the first page to the last, it delivers all the humor, passion and heartwarming love any romance reader could want.

C.K. Tanner, high-powered, free living, no-entanglements business whiz, can juggle corporate acquisitions with one arm tied behind his back. Until – Swanson’s Sweets! Abby McGrady, mailroom girl at Tanner Enterprises, is well aware of the hot body of their president – all she hears all day is her co-workers fantasizing about it. But not Abby, she’s committed to her lifetime goal of opening her own art studio. Until – Swanson’s Sweets!

Tanner wants to buy Swanson’s Sweets, and Frank Swanson wants to sell, but there’s a caveat to this deal – Frank’s an old-fashioned guy with old-fashioned values! He expects to sell to someone who shares those values, someone who is, to put it plainly, married!! Yes, romance fans, you can see it coming – Tanner needs a make-believe wife, and Abby needs an art studio. Let’s make a deal? You bet.

While this may sound like a stock plot outline, and you may have read books with similar themes, don’t be dissuaded from grabbing this wonderful novel by Laura Wright! Her characters are word-perfect, the plot is just realistic enough to be the perfect backdrop, and the romance is hotter than the sun on the Malibu beach outside Tanner’s home. But it’s in Minnesota that Tanner discovers a new world of trust, affection and passion – and holding his hand and showing him the way is Abby. There’s also chocolate involved – who could ask for more!!

A lighthearted, soul-warming story, where a lovely woman and a charming man find friendship, sensuality and eventually love with each other. It just about defines romance – don’t miss it.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Celia.

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