by Brenda Bryce

August 2005
ISBN: 1-59632-142-3
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Stephen Westlake is the Society’s Regulator. The Society needs a new chief scientist and Stephen is assigned the job of finding one. Piece of cake, right? Sure. Except when she turns out to be your new mate, too.

Disgruntled scientist Angela Heissman races against her biological clock to find a test for the anemia that killed her mother before she succumbs to her own. So after a foiled kidnapping that has something to do with her new serum, she couldn’t be less interested in dealing with a new man. Especially not one who says he’s a vampire.

Angela doesn’t believe in vampires, until Stephen proves it leaving no doubt. Then her scientist mind wants to test out this new reality, but her body just wants to test out Stephen.

Brenda Bryce’s The Society’s 1: Regulating Archimedes offers a fantastic cast of characters! From our cowboy vampire hero to the feisty Angela and onward, each and every character comes alive. Angela's quirkiness is endearing and funny, but almost too much for our alpha vampire Stephen. I anxiously await the next installment of Ms. Bryce’s series.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Noemi.

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