by Linda Howard

2001 Reissue
ISBN: 0-373-48432-1
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Mass Market Paperback

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A wolf always slept better when all of his cubs were accounted for.

If you haven’t read all about the Mackenzies, start with Mackenzie’s Mountain and the line above will make more sense. In this story, our beloved Wolf Mackenzie is father to six children and grandfather to ten! And the Mackenzie cub in question that he is worrying about is Zane – “quiet, intense and watchful”, a Navy SEAL whose location is unaccounted for at the present.

Barrie Lovejoy is working at the US Embassy in Athens and on a shopping expedition when she is kidnapped by terrorists, then flown and held in Benghazi, Libya. Barrie just doesn’t work for the US Embassy – she is also an ambassador’s daughter, which makes her a valuable hostage. But those kidnappers hadn’t counted on Zane Mackenzie – Navy SEAL extraordinaire!

From the first time Zane set his eyes on Barrie, the story became fraught with sexual tension. Sure, there were bad guys to deal with, and a political intrigue that still left their lives in danger on American soil after Benghazi – but Zane and Barrie’s chemistry overwhelm the suspense. It may be that Zane’s movements (largely due to his job but a lot of it ingrained!), graceful and deadly at the same time, contributed to their sizzling attraction!

Barrie’s no lily-livered heroine! Though she’s a finishing school kind of gal, she has just the right blend of pampered and independent woman – her inner strength and courage are sorely tested during her kidnapping! Forced to change his opinion of this woman whom he believed at first to be “window dressing”, Zane falls in love with Barrie almost immediately. Barrie, of course, in a vulnerable state, likewise fell in love with Zane just as fast – these are two characters who know themselves enough not to prevaricate or hesitate with their emotions despite the circumstances in which they met! (Or maybe it is heightened because of it?!)

The romance is quick, intense and super sexy! Linda Howard delivers her signature style of a scorching romance deep in intrigue and sexual tension. If you haven’t read any of Ms. Howard’s Mackenzie books, you’re missing out! Start with Mackenzie’s Mountain and you’ll figure out the rest of the books from there. (Although this edition is a reissue in a 2-in-1 collection, it’s worth to get the book just for this story alone!)

Concerning Zane, the youngest of the Mackenzies, Ms. Howard said it best in her introduction: “A lesser man couldn’t have pulled it off, but Zane was in no way a lesser man. He was a Mackenzie.”

Reviewed in June 2002 by Veronica.

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