by Anthology

August 2005
ISBN: 1-58608-625-1
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Get ready to be blown away by four of eroticaís masterfully imaginative paranormal writers. I can guarantee you; you will not be able to look at ďAngelísĒ in the same light again.

The Elumi were once considered by primitive man to be Angels, the defenders of Godís wrath. But the Elumi quickly became bored with Earth and moved through a gateway into their home of Pearthen. The only oneís given admittance to travel through this gateway are the Fallen. Those Elumi that have lost favor with their masters, and are banished to the primitive world of Earth until they can redeem themselves in their masterís eyes by bringing them the head of one of their enemies. And most importantly, they are not supposed to mix with the inferior human race that dwells on Earth surface.

A law that is about to be broken. And it is time for four women to learn about The Fallen .

Fallen Angel by Marie Morin throw the reader directly into the path of Kylee and Gabriel. Kylee is on a quest to make sure that the man responsible for her sisterís death is finally punished. In the midst of her quest, she becomes the witness to a battle between two winged men. It isnít until she finally meets Gabriel, one of the men, that she finally believes that truth of what she saw. Now she has more to deal with than her quest for vengeance; she has a winged man and a crazed killer, both hot on her heels.

Jaide Foxís Archangel introduces scientist Danielle Logan into pandemonium. All Danielle can think about is making sure that her invention works perfectly and keeping it a secret from greedy scientists that would do anything to steal it. It isnít until strange twists happen that things get interesting. In mid transport Danielle can see a strange creature flying above her with wings, and it looks like a man. On her second transport she actually gets caught by this creature, and finally learns that her invention may very well bring on a war of gigantic proportions if it is allowed to be used.

What would you do if you could never have children and then heard that the seed of an Elumi would flourish in even the most infertile of wombs? In Blood Sin by Kimberly Zant, Nicole takes matters into her own hands and finds one such Elumi. And when he doesnít want to give up the goods willingly, she takes matters into her hands again, and makes sure that he rises to the occasion. But when Gideon escapes his captors, retribution is at hand for Nicole, and not even in her own mind could she have thought of this kind of torture!

Lonliness is the one emotion that is guaranteed to destroy even the strongest of wills. Elumi Raphael is no different in Dark Thrall by Celeste Anwar. Banished for his homeworld forever, he will do anything to stop the lonliness from destroying him, even if that means search among the humans for a woman that will be his companion, a woman who will bear him a child. Unfortunately for Raphael, he choose a woman that really isnít interested in becoming his companion and pumping out a kid. Not to mention the fact that he has wings and there are some serious people that want to see him dead. Not exactly Mr. Right.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Angel.

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