by Jennifer Skully

October 2005
ISBN: 0-373-77081-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Goldstone, Nevada seems like the perfect place for a harried lawman to unwind. Unfortunately, Sheriff Tyler Braxton is not here for a much-needed rest. He has answered his sister Maggie’s plea for help. She is convinced that her husband, Carl, is having an affair. Not exactly Brax’s idea of a peaceful visit.

There seems to be a lot of secrets in Goldstone, and Carl is keeping several of his own. Why does he hole-up every night in his office? Where does he go during the day? Why is he avoiding his own wife? Brax knows that Maggie can be her own worst enemy, but his intuition is on red alert. There is definitely something going on.

When Carl turns up dead, Brax is caught up in the murder investigation. Local author Simone Chandler may have some information about Carl’s activities, and Brax hopes that it is all innocent. He would hate to be attracted to his sister’s homewrecker. Simone is tempted by the rugged lawman, but she knows that she has a few secrets too many for a man like Brax.

Author Jennifer Skully has penned a mystery-laden romance in Fool’s Gold. Brax is up to his eyeballs in suspects, and the local sheriff has his hands full too. The cast of characters runs the gamut from a slimy real estate developer to the proprietor of the local brothel. (It is Nevada, after all.) Ms. Skully keeps readers guessing until the end of the book, and continues to throw curves along the way just for fun.

Fool’s Gold is a genuine treat for readers who like a good mystery with their romance.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Paula.

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