by Linda Howard

August 2000
ISBN: 0-373-27091-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1021
Mass Market Paperback

Chance Mackenzie has had the worst childhood imaginable – but all that changed at a drop of a hat when, at age 14, Mary Mackenzie picked him up from the side of the road, near death from pneumonia, and brought him home with her. Although he’s still uncomfortable with Mary’s fussing, he has slowly come to accept the boisterous and affectionate Mackenzies – enough to become one of them.

As a government agent (not with the CIA or the FBI!), Chance is determined to capture an elusive terrorist through his unsuspecting daughter! In no time at all, Chance (with the help of his brother, Zane – from the book Mackenzie’s Pleasure) devises a way to get into Sunny Miller’s life, which will lead him to secure her terrorist father. Sunny seems innocent enough - however, Chance isn’t taking any chances by letting his hormones take over! No matter how beautiful she is, Sunny is only a means to an end – or so he kept telling himself!

Sunny, upon meeting Chance, is also plagued by the same said hormones! But having lived her life constantly on the run from her father has made her wary of striking friendly relationships – never mind physically involving ones! Unknowingly caught in Chance’s web of deception, Sunny has no choice but to depend on him… that is, until she can strike out on her own again. Even then, after being with Chance, she may never be the same again!

As with any of the Mackenzie books, the attraction between Chance and Sunny is instant and definite. Although they may question, or even be afraid, of their love for each other, they both know that regardless what its called, Chance and Sunny are aware of the intensity of their emotions! (Sunny knew without a doubt that he was THE one!)

Once again, Linda Howard has delivered an action packed romance filled with intrigue and sizzling sexual tension. Chance is, for a lack of a better phrase, totally hot! Always having been described as the handsomest (or rather prettiest!) of them all, he’s no less dangerous than the rest of the Mackenzie men. And Sunny is the perfect match for Chance! Equally stubborn, and as pretty, Sunny is determined to protect her sister, and Chance, from her murdering father - just as Chance is obstinate in thinking that he is un-deserving of Sunny’s love.

Though A Game of Chance is part of the Mackenzie family series, it stands very well on its own – as do all Mackenzie books! They are all rousingly good reads - and no matter in what order you read them, the beginning (Mackenzie’s Mountain) is always the best way to start this fantastic series!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Veronica.

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