by Dianne Castell

August 2005
ISBN: 0-373-75081-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1077
Mass Market Paperback

Maggie and Jack Dawson fall madly in love, marry and begin their lives together living in Chicago. Soon two become three as they welcome a son, Ben, to their family. Everything is great except for the fact that Maggie worries herself sick every time Jack leaves for his job as a cop. After years of constant worry over Jack’s job the couple divorce, Maggie takes Ben and moves back to Montana to be near her family,

Thirteen years pass quickly and Ben is preparing for his high school graduation so Jack makes plans to travel to Montana with his parents for the big day. Can he spend a week with Maggie without his true feelings for her coming to the surface?

In the past thirteen years, since returning to Montana, Maggie has grown into an independent woman who can take care of herself. Still as she approached forty she is full of doubts. Maggie is now running the family ranch and is desperately trying to make it a profitable venture. She has plans to create a new type of meat by cross breeding cattle with buffalo. Someone is dead set against this idea and has gone so far as to steal Andy, her buffalo stud. Will Jack sit quietly by and let Maggie handle her problems or will he play knight in shining amour and come to her rescue whether she wants him to or not?

Dianne Castell gives readers a fresh look at series romance with the first of her forty and fabulous trilogy, A Fabulous Wife. It is refreshing to read a story about a more mature lead couple. As always Castell shows a fine sense of humor in her latest release. With characters that will touch your heart and dialog that will have you laughing out loud, Ms. Castell proves that forty is indeed fabulous. Secondary characters round out this story nicely, among them Maggie’s two best friends, BJ and Dixie, who will get stories of their own in A Fabulous Husband and A Fabulous Wedding to be released in October and December respectively.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Barbara.

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