by Morgan Leshay

September 2005
ISBN: 0975453386
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Mass Market Paperback

Lady Tian Winterbourne has spent the past five years in seclusion, roaming the secret chambers and corridors within Valholen Monastery. She was content with her ghostly plight until fate dropped the devil on her doorstep, tempting her to sin.

Lord Devlin Montaign, Viscount Syndale, who is better known as Lord ‘Syn’, has a reputation for being a rogue and a scoundrel. He is touted as a seducer of innocents and a rakehell, and he was content to live up to his scandalous reputation until an angel put her faith in him, and made him yearn for redemption.

A true “Beauty and the Beast” story. Tian’s light put the dark in Devlin’s heart to rest. What a wonderful love story with a lot of action, mystery, and tons of romance to keep you glued to your seat. Ms. Leshay’s knack for characterization and imagery is superb and leaves nothing to the reader’s imagination. The reader will feel as if she is a fly on the wall looking down on all of the romance and fun.

I predict great things for this talented new author. Morgan Leshay is a welcome addition to our romance community, and I can’t wait till her next book.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Debbie.

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