by Anya Bast

August 2005
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Moira has often used the powers given to her by the Goddess to help others but they have begun to be more of a burden than a gift. Lately her visions have come with pain, leaving confusion in their wake. These attacks feature a man named Dain d’Ange; a man she has never met but has heard many rumors about. He is known as the cursed thirteenth lord of Aeoli. Many believe he killed his wife in a fit of rage-induced wild magic. Considered an unpredictable madman, it is best to avoid him. But to stop the worsening attacks from continuing Moira sets out to find Dain and discover the reason for her painful visions about him.

Dain has pushed all but his most loyal, and stubborn, friends and family away from Aeoli. He cannot trust himself not to repeat the tragic episode that killed his wife. He wallows in his solitude growing darker of spirit every day that passes until a delicate beauty appears at his gates tempting him to let her in. To have an alluring woman begging entrance at his gates just as a winter storm approaches fills him with painful torment and lustful delight. After he reluctantly gives in to his flaring desires and allows Moira into his home and his heart, he is hard put to hold onto his resolve to let her go when the weather permits.

When his twin brother Killian arrives ahead of the storm he and Dain enmesh Moira in a web of blissful carnal pleasure. However, as Moira’s unexplained attacks continue and questions arise concerning Dain’s history, Dain and Moira will need unimaginable strength to hold onto all that they have made together.

The final installment in the wildly popular Seasons of Pleasure seriesA Change of Season is a splendid conclusion of an evocative saga. For readers familiar with the storyline of this world will be thrilled with updates on favorite characters. Although, the story does not rely on previous knowledge of foreshadowing events in the Sudhra-Nordan history, it is best to squelch pangs of curiosity and read the first four books.


Reviewed in September 2005 by Cynthia.

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