by Irene Estep

October 2004
ISBN: 1- 58749-494-9
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This story is centered on Micah and Emma. Micah is a part owner in a construction firm, which is having problems because their bids are being undercut.

Emma is a secretary who is fairly new to the firm. She left her last job after being dumped by her bossí son who also worked in the firm. Micah starts to wonder if Emma is the traitor.

The characters in this story are excellent, interesting and well thought out. The reader really cares what happens to them. Emmaís first meeting with Micah is amusing .The author planned it well. I wonít give it away as it has to be read to savour it!

There is a tense plot in the story as well as some hot passion. When Micah and Emma get together sparks fly. They have a great sexual chemistry.

The story is paced well, and the reader is drawn into the plot with good tension and great interplay between the characters.

I loved the two guard dogs, Chip and Dale. They seem like big softies at times. They are very much a part of the story.

I find that I can get a bit annoyed when the hero and heroine have misunderstandings and doubts with each other, but with Emma and Micah it was easy to see why these doubts crept into their relationship. It only added spice to the story.

This book has some excellent secondary characters; they are so good that secondary seems a wrong term to use. Jordan, Micahís half brother was such an interesting character. I also really liked Micahís partner, Ben, and his wife Lauren. Micahís dad, Anthony, is very good too. Each person adds so much to the whole book.

If you want a good summer treat, go out and buy Irene Estepís excellent book.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Mary.

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