by Siri L. Mitchell

September 2005
ISBN: 1-57683-014-1
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Trade Paperback

Frederique Farmer’s chateau, located in Brittany, the northernmost corner of France, holds many secrets and ghosts. Frederique thought she found the perfect place to hide from the world at large and God. She opens the chateau as a bed and breakfast but is very picky with who is allowed to come, charging outrageous prices and even refusing reservations. Thus she has been allowed to remain a reclusive widow.

American writer, Robert Cranwell, is interested in the history of the chateau, and especially of one of its former owners, Alix de Montot, comtesse de Kertanuan. He requests a six month long visit at the chateau to write a story based on the life of Alix, but Frederique refuses his request. Undaunted, he tries to negotiate terms for a visit and is finally allowed to come for one month.

In his research, Robert Cranwell is pushy, often intruding on Frederique’s boundaries to find out the information he desires. God also keeps intruding in Frederique’s life as the most inopportune times. Frederique wonders how she will survive Robert’s extended visit. And even more . . . how will she survive without him or God?

Chateau of Echoes is a slow moving book filled with tons of description and, at first, little interaction between characters. Never-the-less, once the story started, it was gripping and I had to keep reading to discover what will happen next. I grew to care for Frederique and for Robert and hoped they would find happiness. I also hoped that Frederique would allow God entrance into her life.

The end of the book contains fascinating information about the former country of Brittany, now part of France, a Medieval French Calendar, a Lexicon of French Cooking Terms, some totally awesome sounding recipes, and a reader’s guide, making this book ideal for homeschooling (the history and cooking), and discussion groups.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Laura.

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