by Kathleen Givens

July 2002
ISBN: 0-446-61052-6
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Trade Paperback

James and Ellen are a passionate couple with a deep love that has much to overcome many obstacles. The historical elements are well researched and Kathleen Givens really brings the period to life. It is a dangerous time during the English reign of William of Orange when he takes the throne from James Stuart. Scotland still want James as their King and are prepared to go to war to reinstate him.

James will fight by his brotherís side. Ellen is very much afraid for him.

Ellen is a very courageous woman, who has her own enemies.

James is a handsome, brave Highlander. The setting for the novel is interesting as it is set among some beautiful parts of Scotland. Blair Atholl castle is featured in the book. It still stands today as a wonderful symbol to the work of the Highlanders.

I enjoyed the plot, at times the pace is fast and the description of the battles hold nothing back, this adds to the excitement of the story and I found myself transported back to these times and the dangers they held. They also had a wonderful sense of community that the author captures well.

I understand Kathleen Givens is planning on writing a follow up book on Jamesí twin, Neil. I will definitely be adding it to my future reading.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Mary.

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