by Kat Martin

May 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-6935-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Mary Alice Parker, called Allie by her friends, was devastated when her roommate and best friend, Chrissy, was killed in a tragic accident. However, Allie isn’t so sure it was an accident that killed Chrissy and she is determined to prove that multimillionaire Felix Baranoff had something to do with her death. Allie feels as though the police are not seriously considering Mr. Baranoff a suspect because of his clout and wealth so she is forced to take matters into her own hands. When she sees his yacht docked nearby the site of Chrissy’s accident, she decides to investigate by taking a quick look around. Unfortunately, the yacht Chrissy is aboard soon departs with her hidden below!

Allie is soon discovered aboard Mr. Baranoff’s yacht and is forced to try to defend herself against three dangerous, rough-looking men whom she believes are drug dealers. Their leader, Jack Dawson, lays claim to Allie as his “woman” for the duration of their trip but she is amazed when he doesn’t immediately force himself upon her but rather protects her from the other men. Nonetheless, Allie is fearful for her life and after many failed escape attempts, Jack clues her in on his true identity – he isn’t a drug smuggler at all, but rather an undercover agent! Allie soon finds herself involved in a dangerous operation where she could very well lose her life – and her heart to Jack Dawson!

Hot Rain is full of action and adventure, but unfortunately I didn’t find any of it particularly exciting since it was all rather predictable. But while the tension in the book doesn’t necessarily keep you on the edge of your seat, it does have you reading on to see how Allie’s escapades are resolved. Conversely, I found Allie’s meddling into the investigation of Chrissy’s death to be a bit unbelievable. Her “grief” was glossed over so quickly that I had a hard time understanding the motivation behind her life-risking scrutiny of Chrissy’s accident.

Nonetheless, Hot Rain was a quick, light read that has many enjoyable moments. There is a plethora of hot, steamy scenes between Jack and Allie that are sure to keep you turning the pages, and a secondary romance between Allie’s friend Barb and Dan, the detective assigned to Allie’s missing persons case, if that isn’t enough. If you’re looking to dally away the afternoon, Ms. Martin’s descriptive rainforest scenery makes Hot Rain the perfect summer novel to take to the beach.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Nicole.

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