by T.L. Vance

May 2005
ISBN: 0-595-34604-9
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Trade Paperback

Intrigue, murder and romance - those are the elements that await readers who pick up T.L. Vanceís book, The Third Son.

Kellson Berkley is dog-tired. He has run himself ragged for his grandmotherís foundation and is looking forward to his month of R&R in Costa Rica. His plans are almost ruined when his housemate, Bryant, calls to tell him that not only has Bryant acquired another fiancee, but he has invited her to stay at their house in London. Seems she has an internship at a British architecture firm and needed a place to live. The worst of it is that Bryant himself has to go to Italy on business.

Kells refuses to let his irresponsible housemate spoil his vacation. Bryant goes through women like socks, and she will probably get the picture soon enough. He is not all that thrilled with her living in the house while both of them are gone, but Bryantís flat is not really part of the main house.

When he does return home, well-rested, he has the shock of his life. Cydney Nash is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but as bright as they come, with personality in spades. He immediately feels an overwhelming attraction to her, but what should he do? He would never poach on Bryantís territory, and until she learns about her fianceís true colors, friendship will have to do.

Cydney is just as stunned by Kells. She feels guilty because her feelings for Bryant have cooled, and she is relieved that he is out of the country. She jumped at the chance to come to England and prove her abilities, but has a lot of remorse about the arrangement.

Readers will be swept along as Cydney and Kells deepen their friendship, and as they stumble on to a murder plot and negotiate the minefield of Berkley family issues. The pace drags a bit in spots, but an intrepid reader will finally hit the spot when it all comes together and you will be hooked. I was - and became oblivious to everything but turning the page. Ms. Vance has shown excellent characterization skills, making the bookís population not only believable, but likeable. You wonít find this book at the local store, but it is well-worth a trip to Amazon.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Paula.

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