by Maggie Shayne

November 2005
ISBN: 0-7783-2229-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

The mind and body are a wondrous creations, but the soul and the touch of kindred spirits can forge a link that can transcend even death…

Fourteen years ago, Cassandra “Cassie” Marie Jackson’s world was turned upside down. Her sister Carrie was found murdered. The next door neighbor was accused, but was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Cassie’s father, Dr. Jackson, then shot and killed the neighbor, putting an end to his career and shattering what is left of his families’ lives.

Cassie has now gone on to become a well respected police officer and is looking to take over for a friend as the chief of police in the sleepy little town called Blackberry, where nothing ever happens. Now a mental patient accused of murdering his wife has escaped and is headed for home, you guessed it, to that quaint small town of Blackberry. Things will now start to get very interesting! Cassie has stepped into a hornet’s nest of murder and intrigue. Then throw-in a woman who sees dead people and you got a masterful concoction called Darker Than Midnight!

This story starts off a little differently, with more than one sub-plot coming into play. The readers really need to keep their eyes on the prize – when this story takes off, you will be glued to the pages and unable to set the book down! Ms. Shayne has penned another highly prized thrilling adventure with paranormal appeal! The premise is resoundingly fresh and masterfully delivered. The characters are true to life and become alive with the great dialogues and thought sequences. Ms. Shayne has a special ability of projecting the character’s emotional feelings – they become entangled with the readers. Their pain is our pain, their love becomes our love.

The drama and interplay between Cassie and River will rivet you to this thrilling tale of murder and paranormal intrigue. Their sexual attraction is viable and carnally intense! Cassie is taking a big chance-helping River clear his name, will he end up breaking her heart and shattering her soul in the process? Is River truly innocent or criminally insane? What is really going on in the town of Blackberry? How do these individuals fit into this puzzled murder? Who killed Stephanie and who is the killer’s next intended victim? You will learn all this and more, when you read the book for yourself… Look toward the horizon, a new day is “Dawning.”

This is a spine-tingling romance, with a paranormal propensity. This story has all the ear-markings of a great movie script, so Hollywood, take notice! If you are a fan of Ms. Shayne or looking for an exceptionally well written suspense/paranormal story, then you will not want to miss, Darker Than Midnight by Maggie Shayne, when it hits the stands November 2005!

Reviewed in October 2005 by Janalee.

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