by Janet Miller

August 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-216-4
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Stranded and broke, Sharon Colson is desperate for a job. Locked out of her room at a run-down flophouse she takes the only job available, bartending at the All Night Inn. But you see it is not just any place that Sharon is seeking employment – she is considered an outsider in this tight community. Sharon is in a town of a large grouping of parafolk: Nightwalkers, shapeshifters and spellcasters.

Jonathan Knottmann is the sophisticated owner of All Night Inn as well as a nightwalker/vampire. To work for him you must accept his mark – his bite! With no other alternatives Sharon will surrender to Jonathan. She needs this job! What will Sharon do when all the true facts are revealed about the “job position?" Can Jonathan overcome Sharon’s past fears? Even Jonathan will be in for a few surprises!

All Night Inn, is the newest release by author Janet Miller. Ms. Miller is so demonstrative that this story comes alive – creating a pageantry of colorful characters. The storyline is like a beautifully brilliant painting, clear and crisp with perfectly blended brushstrokes. Quite a masterpiece of talented writing! Ms. Miller does a phenomenal job of building up the drama and weaving a believable realm that the readers can dwell in. This reader found this story enthralling – one she could not put down!

The relationship/companionship between Jonathan and Sharon is compelling, it draws the reader into their embrace. Their passionate romance is consuming and special. Both Jonathan and Sharon need to overcome past experiences that could overshadow their lives together. Can they learn and grow from one another? Trust and be trusted? The drama and intrigue will keep the readers closely drawn to the story. The secondary characters just enhance and complete the development of this story. You will found comfort and comraderie at the All Night Inn.

This is an exceptionally well-written vampire romance, which should be on every paranormal lover’s reading list. It comes with the highest regards from this reviewer. This is a must read for 2005. Hurry! Get your copy now! All Night Inn by Janet Miller.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Janalee.

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