by Cheyenne McCray and Mackenzie McKade

August 2005
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Dorothy Abigail Osborne has had enough of her small Kansas town. She’s especially had enough of the men who are either too young, too old, or too “backwoods.” Add to that life with her Aunt Maye is no picnic. The woman thinks sex is sinful but as far as Abby is concerned it’s only sinful when it’s done wrong. So Abby packs her bags, her Irish wolfhound, Otto, “O” for short, and loads her car before she changes her mind. Just when she is ready to take off a tornado rips through her front yard whisking Abby and Otto off to wonderland where she lands in the arms of the hunky man of her dreams.

Lord Kir, Ruler of Emerald City and Lord of the cave-dwelling mountain wolves, finds an unexpected treasure in a metal box on his yellow brick road. She is beautiful, strong willed, and the perfect mate for him. Once he claims her and introduces her to the pleasures of erotic submission she will belong to Kir forever. He just has to convince her he’s the right top for her and hope it won’t kill him in the process.

The beautiful bondage loving men of Wonderland are back inReturn to Wonderland: Lord Kir of Oz. Lord Kir will make your head turn, ladies. Wonderland is full of vibrant interesting characters that drive this story from beginning to end. The pacing is fast so you won’t notice when the end comes up and nips at you.

Curl up and enjoy!

Reviewed in September 2005 by Cynthia.