by Janice Maynard

ISBN: 0-451-21750-0
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Trade Paperback

Suite Fantasy by Janice Maynard is an anthology about three couples who each spend some time at the Scimitar, a very private, exclusive couples-only hotel where couples can inject “role-playing” into their sex lives. Ms. Maynard first introduced The Scimitar in her novella Suite Secrets in the anthology Wildest Dreams, published in 2003.

Suite Seduction is the story of Katie Stewart and Dylan Ward. Katie is afraid that Dylan sees her as a “sweet Earth-mother” when she has a naughty side she’d like to show him. Her previous significant other didn’t like her to be aggressive in the bedroom. She needs to see if Dylan can accept it – thereby accepting the real Katie. Her solution is to book a weekend at The Scimitar but will it backfire on her? Dylan loves Katie and he can understand her hesitation in committing but what else can he do to show her he loves and accepts her as she is? This story is hot, hotter, and hottest!!!

Shelli Richards, the Manager of The Scimitar, has worked with Tyler Strickland, the assistant manager, for the past eighteen months and they have always had a fantastic working relationship. Shelli’s both stunned and hurt when Tyler turns in his resignation because she’s had feelings for him for a long time. Tyler has good reasons for leaving – he’s been in love with Shelli since he first met her! With the onset of bad weather, they decide to close the hotel and send everyone down the mountain but they choose to stay. The only questions remaining are who will do the Suite Seduction and will they regret it later??? Great story!

Emily Drake and Luke Marshall have a history. At the age of fourteen, Emily had a crush on her older brother Brad’s best friend and Luke, heading to college, didn’t handle the situation in the best way possible. Fifteen years later, Emily bids for Luke at a bachelor auction and wins. Her plan? To have sex with Luke and hopefully get him out of her system so she can move on and maybe get a little payback for the pain he dealt her 15 years ago! Luke is surprised to find that the person who bid the most for him is none other than “Little” Emily, who isn’t so little any more but a beautiful, sensuous woman. Will Emily have her Suite Revenge or does something deeper happen? What about Luke and his feelings? Wonderful twists and turns in this story!

This book has it all – romance, bits of humor, twists and surprises, fabulous heroines and heroes and sizzling hot love scenes. Surely you deserve one more Christmas present, don’t you? If so, this book is it!!! This is a keeper, that’s for sure! Kudos, Ms. Maynard!

Reviewed in December 2005 by PamL.

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