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It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, years later, she had to laugh at the sheer perversity of fate. He was sex personified. She was just a small town librarian.

One can already tell from the introduction of the book the differences between the hero and heroine – and as any good lines do, it makes one look forward to the rest of the story! Oath of Seduction: Seducing Sharon does not disappoint – a hunky alien (with all the proper parts!) who is “sex personified” and a shy but stubborn librarian battle it out in an outright sexy way!

The planet Shimeria and Shimerians are in trouble – they produce too many males and not enough females, which makes the population on the “endangered” list. To help them out, Earth has offered to run a registry where females on earth sign up voluntarily as prospective brides to Shimerian males. Of course, in exchange Shimerians will fully share their technological advances (lightyears ahead of Earth!), which helps cure the worst of Earth’s diseases. The arrangement is a treaty between Earth and Shimeria – and to avoid looking like a pimp, Earth has to stress that the registry program is completely voluntary. However, once a female has signed up and “called to duty,” she cannot renege – but, Sharon reasons to herself, there must be some circumstances in which a relationship can be dissolved.

But Liken da’Kamon isn’t having any of that dissolving stuff – he has waited for Sharon long enough, and claim her he will! Shimerian males find their mates by some sort of telepathy – it happens at random but when it does, they’re assured of a mate for life. Sharon, on the other hand, doesn’t understand any of this! (Of course, it doesn’t help that Shimerians keep certain aspects of their culture to themselves to avoid scaring off prospective mates!) Although Sharon signed up in a fit of patriotic frenzy, she never seriously thought she was going to be snatched up! After all, not all females who did are ever asked to fulfill their “duty” – if they marry before a Shimerian claims them, they are taken off the registry list (poor gals!).

Marly Chance pens a funny, not to mention sexy, story about intergalactic relationships. The beauty of science fiction romance (and sex!) is that one can pretty much invent anything. However, successful stories are ones that make a reader long for that other world. Liken, the rest of the secondary Shimerian male characters, as well as the Shimerian culture, do just that! When Sharon stepped into the portal and landed on Shimeria, she didn’t stand a chance against Liken’s considerable, ahem, charms!

Both Liken and Sharon are thoroughly likeable – Sharon, being a librarian, has a clever wit that makes for laugh out loud moments. (Unaware that Liken can read her mind, she inwardly thinks that she couldn’t possibly have “screaming sex” with him. Liken responds with a grin that pretty much says, “Wanna bet?” How sexy is that?!) Liken, determined and a lot in lust, couldn’t be any more alpha! (A cop in a male dominated society?! Hello!) But when it comes to Sharon, he puts on the kid gloves and treats her with quite a bit of consideration. And, oh by the way, the intimate scenes are on the scorching hot side!

If you’ve ever wanted to try an ebook, Oath of Seduction is highly recommended and guaranteed to leave you wanting to try more. It’s witty, sexy and all in all, a whole lot of fun – sometimes a lot more fun than you’ll ever find in print!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Veronica.

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