by Susan Andersen

March 1999
ISBN: 0-380-79512-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

What you get is Juliet Rose Astor Lowell, a pristine "daddy's good little girl", thrown in with Beauregard Dupree, an extremely male sergeant, mixed together with a supporting cast of strippers, a panty snatcher and an alligator, all brought to you with a pinch of humour and a generous dose of sensuality.

You want more? Well, come along for the ride.

It's Susan Andersen's Be My Baby, a story that sizzles!

The receiver of a threatening letter Juliet Rose Astor Lowell, down in New Orleans to oversee the grand opening of daddy's new hotel, has to put up with rough and ready Beau Dupree, assigned to her for her protection.

Beau Dupree, counting the days till he can make use of his little black book filled with future conquests, is not content to play bodyguard to a rich Boston high society girl no matter how beautiful.

Showing Juliet the sights and sounds of New Orleans's back ally culture is Beau's sure-fire method of getting him of her case.

High speed chases, a new lipstick and getting caught necking have Juliet not only letting down her hair and swaying to the rhythm of New Orleans but leaving Beau wanting to get down and dirty with her. So what happens when two worlds collide, added to that attempted murder with an antique gun, three sisters who know better and some very opinionated best friends; one hell of a roller coaster ride of a romance story

Susan Andersen sweeps the reader away in a wave of heat, delight and various erotic displays. A fast paced snappy style and a subplot that is saucy and fun, cheeky and playful had me grinning, cheering and fanning my face. Left breathless, hot, flushed and excited by the end of the book I only managed to cry out: "I want more, give me a sequel!"

Reviewed in July 2001 by Kris Alice.

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