by Marly Chance

April 2002
ISBN: 1-84360-182-6
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Kate “Hell-on-wheels” Carson is in for the surprise of her life!! She’s about to be called as ‘pactmate’ to a Shimerian male, Tair da’Kamon. Shimerian males have long been permitted to mate with Earth women – the full background story begins with Marly Chance’s first book of this series, Oath of Seduction (which I also highly recommend). Suffice it to say that Kate, ambitious, independent, intelligent Kate, is not pleased!! In fact, she’s quite righteously pissed!! So she decides to accept the Oath of Challenge – Tair has two weeks to challenge her sexually and persuade her to accept his hand (and the rest of him) forever. She must obey him, but he must not force her in any way. Piece of cake for a tough-as-nails lawyer like Kate, right? All she has to do is to enjoy two weeks of super sex, and then she can go home to Earth. Mmm Hmm! Think again, Kate.

Marly Chance has accomplished what some other erotic writers have tried and failed to do; she has tapped into women’s fantasies and built a wonderful world around them. After all, who wouldn’t want to be sexually challenged by a magnificently handsome, impressively equipped alien who can also read your mind and anticipate your every need, sexual and otherwise? And who, let’s be honest here, wouldn’t feel a small jolt of excitement at the thought of having to share a sexual experience with this same alien and an equally gorgeous male friend, all in the name of mental security? Yes, Marly throws in a very erotic threesome – the pactmate can protect his wife mentally, but complete safety requires the extra added shielding of a good friend. A close friend. In Kate’s case, the really yummy close friend Jadik! I came close to needing a cigarette after that scene!!

Balancing all this steam heat, is the very comforting knowledge that Tair is falling hopelessly in love with his Kate; his actions are provoking when they need to be and also soothing when they need to be. Another wonderful fantasy – your man knows just how to hold you, and when! Kate, for her part, is thoroughly relishing her new sexual partner, without realizing that he has bypassed her tough assertive exterior persona, and penetrated to the fragile woman beneath. Watching her arrive at this realization is an exercise in delight – and also an exercise in arousal, because Marly Chance has certainly written a hot one here!!! I can’t wait for the next “Oath” book because there is an “Oath of Capture”, and I have a feeling Jadik will soon be on the hunt!! I sure hope so, because I’m ready!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Celia.

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